THOUGHT: The World has recently descended into a fragile state.  ‘The World’ here means the human world, the procedures, institutions, methods, customs, civilities etc. which allow seven billion of us to “get along together”, after a fashion, on this planet...

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Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 39

Today morale in most local communities is probably at an all-time low. We have been wallowing in gloom since the conjunction of Covid 19, the dreadful 2022 Ukraine War, the poor level of post-Brexit leadership, and the severe austerity caused by outbreaks of strikes and inflation. To a degree, Christmas […]

Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 38

Remembrance Sunday was held this year in Whitehall on November 13th and the ceremony was staged…with the usual spectacular turnout of the British Royal Family and the UK/Commonwealth establishment.  The presence of WW1 veterans has virtually ceased, but the haunting music which rings out while wreaths are placed on the […]

Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 37

An Interim Report has recently been published by Baroness Casey on the state of the Metropolitan Police’s response to misconduct within the force. It says that numbers of Met officers are being sacked for misconduct every year, but also that these numbers are not enough: there are, apparently hundreds of […]

Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 36

Queen Elizabeth II’s sudden death has brought home to many of us the role she played in balancing the persistent anti-social, nihilistic aspects of modernity.  Which raises the question <<Why did such a persistent vein of anti-social emphases come to be so up-front and prevalent?>>. Well, for about a hundred […]

Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 35

Anti-mathematics is the new, the 100% abstract, 100% logical, 100% lucid way… to describe transient reality.  And there are transient realities all around us, quite different from —actually much commoner than— the allegedly timeless realities onto which so much attention has, historically, been paid. How did it come about that […]

Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 34

The theme of the author’s six essays in The New English Review (NER) on-line journal has been the De-mystification of Mathematics, a project which Ludwig Wittengstein tried to accomplish, but on which he was unable to make much progress. Now two posts have appeared in The New English Review respectively […]

Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 33

How can we alert the alertable few of today’s young people that reason and light in human affairs will disappear unless we take a determined stand to support it and bring it back? Whether we like it or not, the global human community is hurtling towards a contentious, chaotic, painful […]

Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 32

How can philosophy gain any significant traction in a post-modern world? It all depends on what we mean by ‘philosophy’. Many philosophers nowadays argue that the problems of philosophy have no solution. In which case they are better classified as ‘pseudo problems’ —conceptual muddles which look at first like genuine […]

Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 31

Renewal through Philosophy No. 31 – The Coming Post-Mathematic Age Dramatic recent developments in actimatics were summarised in Blog. No. 30 and they call, by their presence, for a commentary on what it all means.   Simultaneously my fifth essay in the online New English Review (May 2022) will serve to […]

Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 30

A catch-up on recent progress in Actimatics Since the concept of ACTIMATICS was introduced into these philosophy-renewal blogs two years ago, there has been some quiet progress in developing the new 100% abstract discipline. This instalment offers an outline account of the current situation. In many ways Actimatics might just […]

Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 18

The solution to the problem of the ‘post truth’ society, as argued in No 17 is to adopt a genuine form of education —one which constantly reminds pupils that they must confront reality with their eyes wide open— combined with strict IT laws saying that everything posted on the internet […]

Philosophy for Renewing Reason – 17

Probably the unresolved philosophical issue which is most bothering to most ordinary reflective people today is the problem posed by the so-called ‘post truth society’ in which people no longer seem interested in whether a statement or pronouncement is true.  Fake news was given apparent respectability by Donald Trump on […]